Welcome to Blackstone Tire and Auto LLC

"Welcome to Blackstone Tire and Auto LLC, where we make sure your wheels keep turning smoothly!"

From Childhood Passion to Professional Pursuit

From a young age, Nestor Saldana had a knack for car repairs, tinkering with family cars and friends' vehicles. This passion soon turned into a profession as he found himself working in a local mechanic's shop. As he honed his skills, the dream of owning his own mechanic's shop began to take shape. 

The Birth of Blackstone Tire and Auto LLC

Fast forward to today, Nestor Saldana is the proud owner of Blackstone Tire and Auto LLC, a reputable and trusted auto service provider in the local Brazos Valley community. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and extraordinary customer service, Blackstone Tire and Auto LLC has grown into a successful business under Nestor's leadership. His journey is a testament to what passion combined with hard work and dedication can achieve. 

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