DreamscapeFarms™ petunias attract butterflies
DreamscapeFarms™ petunias attract butterflies

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Lorraine enthusiastically shares her gardening knowledge with customers of DreamscapeFarms.com™ and the neighbors she encounters at the Bedias and Madisonville farmer's markets. "We've had so much fun meeting everyone!"

Famous Flower Baskets
Dreamscape Farms, Madisonville, Texas

Renowned for her stunning hanging baskets and vibrant container gardens, Lorraine's hobby blossomed into a thriving business when she began selling her creations to friends and neighbors. Inspired by the demand, she launched DreamscapeFarms.com™ to offer top-quality flowers, hanging baskets, and even container-grown produce to her neighbors.

Growing through Challenges

Despite challenges like unpredictable Texas weather, Lorraine perseveres, adapting her gardening strategies to protect her plants. At DreamscapeFarms.com, customers can find a variety of popular annuals like chrysanthemums, marigolds, petunias, sunflowers, and zinnias, perfect for containers or home decor.

DreamscapeFarms.com's PuzzlesColorful Begonias

Among her offerings are colorful begonias, cherished for their ability to thrive throughout the summer in shaded gardens, adding bursts of vibrant color to any space. Lorraine's selection also includes heat-tolerant flowers like impatiens and marigolds, catering to various tastes and needs in Texas' challenging climate. Visit DreamscapeFarms.com to explore this season's offerings.

"I want to let folks know how talented and giving Stacey Mayer is as an artist. Her work has its own style and she’s amazing with the horses she can transform on paper. Today I was able to watch as she taught our class of students and her knowledge and patience is inspirational. If you haven’t seen her art you are missing out go to awhitehorse.com and relish in her work" - BJ.


"Stacey's unwavering vision brought our DreamscapeFarms.com website to life. Her boundless artistic talent infuses every corner of our website, capable of transforming even the fiercest Texas tornado season into a colorful story to share! She's fostered a community where our experiences connect us." - Lorraine S.


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