Royal Legend's Horseback Riding Programs

 Imagine waking up each morning, with your lesson horse watching for your arrival each morning! This is what awaits you when you join the Royal Legend Horse Center's summer riding programs in Bryan, Texas.

Camps and horsemanship seminars fill up fast - sign up for the waiting list!

Embrace Your Inner Equestrian

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting your horseback riding journey,  Royal Legend's summer riding programs in the Bryan - College Station area cater to all skill levels. With our experienced instructor,  Lisabeth Robertson, and her well-trained ranch horses, you'll feel confident and safe as you learn new techniques and build upon your existing skills on your own assigned horse. 

Fun-Filled Activities 

At Royal Legend's Summer Camps, every day is an adventure. Horseback riding is just one of the many exciting activities you'll participate in. From learning how to barrel race, to pole bending games on horseback, there's never a dull moment. 

You'll have plenty of time to get to know your horse and the other campers as you learn about horsemanship, ride with your horse, and create crafts with your group every day. 

Experienced Riding Camp Director, Lisabeth Robertson

Royal Legend riding programs are guided by Lisabeth Robertson's many years of experience working with young riders. She organizes fun and memorable kid's riding camps featuring her own ranch-raised purebred Arabian horses, and a few other breeds, each with a special affinity for children. Contact Lisa and start riding today!

"I want to let folks know how talented and giving Stacey Mayer is as an artist. Her work has its own style and she’s amazing with the horses she can transform on paper. Today I was able to watch as she taught our class of students and her knowledge and patience is inspirational. If you haven’t seen her art you are missing out go to and relish in her work" - BJ.


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