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Blackstone Tire and Auto

Blackstone Tire and Auto 979-575-2165
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We do brakes, tires, suspension, A/C, engine, and transmissions. We also sell and buy cars! Come visit!

The original Facebook Business Page is about to undergo a rapid transformation. Follow along!
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By optimizing and creating more "wow" pages,
you'll hear a "look at this" reaction from your visitors. From a cell phone or a desktop, there there are many people that need to find you.

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Blackstone Tire and Auto

Online Business Audit; Blackstone Tire and Auto
custom mustang autos

Goal; Blackstone Tire and Autos need to be easily and correctly found in any search. They should be recognized as a trusted destination for auto sales, car repair, and tires in the Brazos Valley.

The current Facebook business page
shows it was initially created on June 7, 2022. There are two unoptimized photos posted; one of the garage location and one of the logo. There are no further posts. There are no followers of the current page. The page is currently following only one other business.

Directions to the business are incorrectly posted.

Blackstone Tires and Auto is not found on Google Maps, and their current "directions" link takes you into downtown Bryan. See the last image on this page.

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Note; the Facebook Business page has not been added to since June 7th, 2022. This page currently only follows one other business. Although they have made many customers over the years, they have no followers on Facebook. The existing photos can be optimized to greatly improve the appearance of their page.

Goal; add at least a dozen reviews to your Facebook Page and Google listing for optimum visibility and a higher "score" given by search engines such as Google.

Facebook undeveloped2.
The Facebook map link takes us on a merry-goose chase to downtown Bryan, Texas.
Map Results - Oops!
You can see how correcting, expanding, and improving their Facebook Business Page will improve the viewer's interaction and visibility.