Foundational Strategies for Local Business Growth

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A while back, I worked with a struggling local optical business's online presence, which needed more visibility within the surrounding community, so I examined his website to see what was happening.

Keyword Optimization Matters

Upon examining the site, I realized their keyword strategy was non-existent. Where was "optical" in the site description? The keywords for their pages had no relevance to any of their medical practice. There wasn't a single mention of "eye exam", "frames", or "contact lenses". My client had paid thousands for their services, trusting his end-of-year bookings would be worth the expense. At this rate, his sunglasses weren't joining anyone's vacation!

Stick to the Fundamentals

Optical Practice SunglassesAs per site-building guides like SiteProNews, submitting websites to local directories and optimizing relevant keywords are fundamental for effective online promotion. Despite my client's professionally designed website, these basics were overlooked, leading to missed opportunities for his business growth.

Prepare for Growth

After discussing the issue with my client, we completely revamped his site. He had previously relied on ineffective and costly web positioning services and as a new local business, was relying on new patients finding his location. Search engines can only work with the data given. Thankfully, he recognized the need for immediate change to his web pages.

Protect Your Client's Interests

When managing a client's online presence, it's crucial not to neglect fundamental tasks like directory submissions. Overreliance on tactics like throwing good money on search engine advertising or relying solely on paid social media campaigns will backfire if the basics are overlooked. If you're selling sunglasses, you better say it on your front page. Organic traffic works long after paid advertising is done, bringing new clients month after month.

Focus on the Basics

I have been in web development since 1996. I prioritize foundational tasks like checking your competition's reviews, finding appropriate site submission opportunities, and using basic ground-truth keywords before considering paid advertising strategies. Overlooked fundamentals will significantly impact a site's visibility and hamper its eventual success. Removing the wrong turns in his online marketing finally allowed his neighborhood eyecare practice to shine.

Patience and Planning Pays Off

Optical Business SuccessAfter rebuilding my client's web pages from scratch, our efforts bore fruit. By leveraging my local web network, we were able to reap early dividends. Within four weeks, we saw a significant improvement in search engine rankings and increased website traffic, leading to more scheduled appointments and last year's patients booking their annual exams. We were looking forward to a New Year's celebration!

Set the Table for Success

Like planning a holiday dinner, effective online promotion requires attention to detail, a plan of action, and focus on essential tasks for each business' specialty. By prioritizing fundamentals, we rebranded my client's online presence and achieved tangible year-end results. Finally, he could forge ahead with a thriving practice for the new year.

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*My original article first appeared in SiteProNews, now updated for today's business owners. - SSM


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