Blackstoine Tire and Auto 979-778-14-79™ Learn to Fly!™™™™ Film Festival

Thank you to all of our attendees! Follow us on Twitter for our next event! We'll see you next time! 

The public attended the inaugural Film Festival™, on September 10th, 2022. We showcased selected artists and NFTs during a film festival to the general public, featuring a family-friendly, and casual format at
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Everyone attended without needing any gas or a local hotel reservation! Our producer was NFT Popup Studio founder, Bret Jolliffe, of BC Canada.

Our official charity is of Bryan, Texas, (an equine therapy program for veterans and first responders,) and we are sponsored by LLC of Florida. You're welcome to arrive early to take a look around and get an idea of what we're planning. Some wonderful artists and NFT projects have stepped forward to be a part of our initial selection.

When you visit the amphitheater or the gallery, please click on the heart in the upper right corner, to let us know you stopped by the amphitheater. Your attendance, participation, and sponsorship are welcome.