5 Best Real Estate Agent Tips

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Don't let your competition become the "default" brokers/agents for your area. Other agents will push you out of the market if you let them. Give buyers and sellers a window into who you are by posting a short biography, and sharing your listings and recreational activities via your social media pages. Let them get to know you, and you'll soon surround yourself with clients who've been looking for someone with your experience and background.

Pick the top social networks for your area; keep up with them and stick with them. It will pay dividends you'd never expect. Now that you're easier to find, it's amazing how many more opportunities appear.

Best of all, your new clients will thank you.

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Stacey Mayer has over 25 years of experience in online marketing for small businesses, specializing in real estate. She is available to speak to groups and work with local agents. Listen to Stacey every Friday at 8:45 AM Central Time on Twitter live spaces.