5 Best Real Estate Agent Tips

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Know your Brazos Valley top competitors, and visit their websites. See where the leading agents are posting their marketing. You may miss an opportunity because "Jenny Sue Agent" is using local social media, while you still need to write your first blogs.

When you look up your competition you can learn from the results. Do they have a Google Business site for business? An active Facebook or Twitter account? Write that down. Do you see they have active boards on Pinterest? Got it. When you find their active networks, be sure you're on those networks, too.

Your fellow real estate brokers are likely to be using Linkedin in your area, and you should be on Linkedin, too. Linkedin is geared for professional connections and offers a different type of interaction than Facebook. Each region is a bit different; my area uses CraigsList, but friends in another state say no one looks at Craigslist! Find out where your competition is active.


Winning is a game. Just like playing hopscotch, you need to get your chalk down. You are needed by so many good clients, so don't sit on your hands. The real estate sidewalk is hot; be there to offer some cool lemonade to the thirsty lookers.

Check; see how your own business name appears in search results. Discover where you are compared to other real estate agents. If you type in common search phrases, your name should be on the first page, not the sixth. If a client looks up your phone number handed to them by a friend, be sure your professional page is searchable. Be sure your blogs, selling strengths, and special knowledge may be found in any search engine.
5 best Real Estate Agent's Tips


I encourage you to share your personality in order to allow sincere folks the OPPORTUNITY to find you. You'll save them a ton of frustration dealing with the  "Young Turk" stalking the local Bing/Google search neighborhood. Buyers and sellers are looking for a considerate, experienced agent, rather than agents with flash, jazz, and sex appeal. If you're a golfer or an equestrian, set yourself apart by sharing your interests. You can be the agent they're looking for if you pay attention.

Honest home buyers would rather find you, than the "hotdog agent" paying to be at the top of every local search page! Heaven knows people are sometimes attracted to Real Estate for the wrong reasons. I think we deserve more choices than what search engines may toss in our direction via paid advertisements.


Let home buyers and sellers looking for a good agent, find you easily. Buyers and sellers love finding a good real estate broker to help them, versus being pushed around by a hotdog agent that's chased them down. Make it easy to find you on social networks; post your phone number, write a fresh blog post now and then, and use decent pictures linked back to your account. 
5 Best Tips for Brazos Real Estate Agents

A few years ago, I had a call from a business north of the Seattle area. Although the business owner told me his business name, I couldn't find an online presence linked to that phone number. Not even a local chamber of commerce listing. His business didn't exist online until halfway down the 9th page on Google. You'd be surprised how often posting a phone number and address is overlooked.


Don't let your competition become the "default" brokers/agents for your area. Other agents will push you out of the market if you let them. Give buyers and sellers a window into who you are by posting a short biography, and sharing your listings and recreational activities via your social media pages. Let them get to know you, and you'll soon surround yourself with clients who've been looking for someone with your experience and background.

Pick the top social networks for your area; keep up with them and stick with them. It will pay dividends you'd never expect. Now that you're easier to find, it's amazing how many more opportunities appear.

Best of all, your new clients will thank you.

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