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Recommendations; Blackstone Tire and Autos Overhaul

These are a few of the first steps prioritized to quickly re-position the business for better online visibility.

First, we need to - 

  • Take new photos, standardize their size, optimize for speed and cataloging, and add keywords and descriptions to each image.
  • Create a new website to be the anchor for all posts, images, articles about the business, and social media sites.
  • Correct the Facebook business page directions to the business, create new optimized images, and create new story content.
  • Create the Google Business listing, and fill out all parts completely and correctly, with proper times of operation and new photos, and new offers to jumpstart the business. Google Business listings are free.
  • Begin to gather followers by following and commenting on other local Facebook business pages,
  • Create a standardized logo and identification images in the sizes and formats for each social media group.
  • Establish new accounts on Instagram, (owned by Facebook,) Pinterest, and Twitter. Commit to posting to all social media sites twice per week.

Facebook undeveloped2

With an upgraded banner image.
Blackstone Autos1
Each photo can be optimized for faster loading speed and effective meta tags.
Behind the image